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  1. BinChan BinChan

    Struggling to migrate Gnusocial and Mediagoblin to new server on Debian Stretch X(

    Posted about 4 years ago.
  2. BinChan BinChan

    Done migrating to new server! bundle install suck X(

    Posted about 4 years ago.
  3. BinChan BinChan

    New app: Mediagoblin ~ Take a look at my art project - Kaleidoskope Fotografieren https://mediagoblin.binchan.xyz/u/chbinnc/collection/kaleidoskope-fotografieren/

    Posted over 4 years ago.
  4. BinChan BinChan

    Clone of my website homepage on ZeroNet \^^/

    Hosted on a Raspberry PI 2, feel free to connect with me (help me seeding it) ^^

    Bildschirmfoto 2016 12 15 11 24 23
    Posted over 4 years ago.
  5. BinChan BinChan

    A Repository hosts some userscripts I created

    Currently there are "Auto Scroll", "Twitter Emoji Only Shows unicode" and "Diaspora Time Machine".

    Posted over 4 years ago.
  6. BinChan BinChan

    New App ~

    This time is Nextcloud, at https://cloud.binchan.xyz
    Quite an easy job by following https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/10/admin_manual/installation/installation_wizard.html, but still have twisted several hours by refering some other documents … Apache2 works, Nginx (v1.2.x) throwed 502 Bad Gateway.

    Bildschirmfoto 2016 10 25 23 14 53
    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  7. BinChan BinChan

    Javascript ~ Javascript ~


    and what the hell my script to filter twiiter emoji suddenly stops working X(

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  8. BinChan BinChan

    Some Javascript examples that may bring me to a universal web content filter :3

    Thanks to this script, now I can write some simple scripts to filter web content:

    Show emoji unicode symbol instead of image on Twitter

    $(document).ready().scroll(function () {
      var images = document.getElementsByClassName('Emoji--forText');
      for (var n = images.length; n-- > 0; ) {
        images[n].setAttribute('src', '');

    Hide people on Quitter public timeline

      var HideMe = [
      $.each(HideMe, function(index, value) {
       $('a[href$="/' + value + '"]').parent(".stream-item-header").parent(".queet-content").parent(".queet").parent(".stream-item").css({'display': 'none'});
    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  9. BinChan BinChan

    A smalltalk in German

    "öffnet irgendeine scheiß webapp die alle keybindings sperrt und sich nicht schließen lässt dadurch (vimperator ohne window decorations)" Geek bullies geek X)

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  10. BinChan BinChan

    Good List ... - Awesome Selfhosted


    What a convenient life ...

    Posted about 5 years ago.
  11. BinChan BinChan

    Oh Javascript - someone toppled the Jenga tower of JavaScript


    Posted about 5 years ago.
  12. BinChan BinChan

    Let's Learn Javascript

    "The more I learn about Javascript, the better I can avoid it and hack around with it online. >:-D #librejs #noscript"
    Here is a free ebook recommended by someone: Eloquent Javascript A Modern Introduction to Programming Marijn Haverbeke

    Posted about 5 years ago.
  13. BinChan BinChan

    Setting up mail server

    Hmm, been about 2 months, Gmail send & receive Ok, but can only send to Gmx but not receive. Hint from someone: "PF, DKIM un DMARC für die eigene
    Domain konfigurieren. Das wirkt Wunder." Setting up imap server Dovecot, 993 port is just like ghost... sometimes up sometimes disappears...

    Ps: recently a rant from a core developer of Diaspora* https://www.loomio.org/d/9H5P0zKB/project-management-at-diaspora-or-what-the-heck-am-i-doing-here-

    Posted about 5 years ago.
  14. BinChan BinChan

    New app ~

    Gnusocial, decentralized social microblog as twitter alternative at https://social.binchan.xyz

    Posted over 5 years ago.
  15. BinChan BinChan

    Repost some local pages with new domain


    Posted over 5 years ago.
  16. BinChan BinChan

    13 minutes later ....

    Hoorey \^o^/, I've finished set up my Diaspora* pod https://pod.binchan.xyz along my toy app ~

    Posted over 5 years ago.
  17. BinChan BinChan

    New domain ~

    Because the domain hosted from *** need to pay double in the next year, so I bug another one instead XD

    Also later this domain may again use for Diaspora* project.

    Posted over 5 years ago.
  18. BinChan BinChan

    Elixir and Phoenix, new popular toy for programmer and web developer

    Posted over 5 years ago.
  19. BinChan BinChan

    Interesting hand-drawn ploting instance :D

    Posted almost 6 years ago.
  20. BinChan BinChan

    Debugging sometimes is warlike
    http://www.be9.io/2015/09/21/memory-leak/ Who spent 2 weeks sought and caught a memory leak

    Posted almost 6 years ago.
  21. BinChan BinChan

    Coffeescript Note 220915

    Recently I'm teasing coffeescript, though sometimes feel got teased X(

    As an exercise, I'm rewriting the source code of conway's game of life from IBM with practical matrix method. I found math.js. But to include it into rails, with a lot of searching, I still couldn't find a fairly direct method. After many attempts now it seems to be in good shape now.

    I use webpack to compile the math.js library into a single js file and put it into the same directory of other scripts, with a source coffeescript as
    window.math = require 'mathjs'
    Through window method, math can directly use as an imported class in other coffeescripts.

    That's all, after many other bloody or clumsy attempts X::

    Posted almost 6 years ago.
  22. BinChan BinChan

    Weird bug about web style rendering
    Before I post a link to the instance of Conway's Game of Life. Weirdly if I directly set the link to https://binchan.me/conway_s_game_of_life, you need to refresh the page after click this link or open it in new tab to get the web css rendering work. I don't have any idea how to track the bug. But luckily because my website is forced to ssl version, it means if I set the url begin with http:// instead of https://, it will redirect to https://, an auto refreshing :D, so link becomes http://binchan.me/conway_s_game_of_life.

    Posted almost 6 years ago.
  23. BinChan BinChan

    Instance of Conway's Game of Life
    The instance is from IBM developer, it's developed with cofffeescript and html5 canvas.
    I host it on this website, in http://binchan.me/conway_s_game_of_life.

    Posted almost 6 years ago.
  24. BinChan BinChan

    Add Rss function o(^_^)o
    Take a look at the footer of the website, the rss address is https://binchan.me/feed.rss, also, the first line of my posts is the title <3

    Posted almost 6 years ago.
  25. BinChan BinChan

    Uploaded my graduation design to local server, also updated the About page.
    Feel free to take a look :) https://binchan.me/my_graduation_design Next I will try to embed the pyqt software of my graduation design into this website.

    Posted almost 6 years ago.
  26. BinChan BinChan

    With RedCarpet gem, my micropost supports Markdown language now X)
    Also thank to this blog

    Posted almost 6 years ago.
  27. BinChan BinChan


    Scaled full 8f71cc49c58e3579d776
    Posted almost 6 years ago.